Timothy Allen

Hey there, I’m Timothy Allen. I’m an NYC based teacher, actor, and director. Come check me out!


The artistry of how the human story is enacted for an audience compels me to learn and grow within the world of theatre. However, it is more rewarding for me to endow a new generation of aspiring artists by cultivating their own artistic abilities, performing for ready audiences, and opening dialogue for social awareness, reflection and change. 


Students of CUNY York College. Intro to Acting.

“There is no art without joy.” Michael Chekhov


Plays and musicals have the power to create wars and end them, destroy relationships and initiate them; moreover, they act as a catalyst for change through the eloquent coupling of mind and spirit.  This coupling travels with the audience long after the curtain has closed and when the inspiration and images that strike from hearing a chord or a bit of dialogue become a shared inseparable whole, it will change their perception of the world when they wake up in the morning.  

Ultimately, I am both a leader and facilitator – someone who plants seeds from which actors, designers, writers, and producers can discover.  





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